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  • Vegetable Tajeen

    • £8.50

    Slow cooked vegetabes and chick peas. Seasoned with aromatic spices, served with couc cous.

  • Fassoulya

    • £7.95

    Mixed beans and chick peas with herbs, parsley and spices, cooked in a rich tomato sauce served with rice.

  • Riz Bel Spinach

    • £7.50

    Sussclent spinach cooked with rice, mixed perpers, chick peas, herbs and tangy spices.

  • Vine Leaves Tajeen

    • £7.95

    Vine leaves stuffed with rice and heerbs, seerved with vegetable tajeen

  • Majera

    • £7.50

    Cracked wheat cooked with lentiks, onions and spices.