Meat Dishes

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  • Mixed Grill

    • £14.95

    Fillet of lamb, chicken, kofta grilled with a special seasoning. Served with salad and chefs' special sauce

  • Neck of lamb Fillet

    • £11.50

    Aromatic lamb fillet cooked with green cardamons and Yemeni limes - a real Arabian experiences. Served with spicy rice.

  • Kofta in Red Sauce

    • £8.50

    Meatballs made with onions, herbs and chefs' own special spicy mixture. Served in red tomato sauce.

  • Shishtawok

    • £8.95

    chicken fillet pieces seasoned and grilled. Served with salad, rice and garlic sauce.

  • Meat Tajeen

    • £9.50

    Slow cooked vegetables with minced meat. Seasoned with aromatic spices and herbs. Served with couscous

  • Chicken Shawarma

    • £8.50

    Chicken strips served with sauce on Arabic bread with salad and pickles.

  • Fassoulya With Meat Balls

    • £9.50

    Mixed beans and chick peas with herbs, parsley and spices. Cooked in a rich tomato sauce served with meatballs and rice.